The Fastest Way to Copy Components Directly to Your Figma

We've made this product 100% free to use. Simply choose a category, click on the design, and paste it directly into your Figma project

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We will do our best to publish as many assets and categories as possible!


Easy to Use

Select a category, choose a design, and paste it onto your Figma artboard.

100% Free

All components are 100% free to everyone; there are no premiums or licenses.

High-Quality Components

Our team is dedicated to producing high-quality components for use.

NO autolayouts

We do not use autolayouts, variables or any type of complexity in design assets.

You can Contribute

You can support our team by using or sharing our services, or simply by connecting with us via social media!


Get Unlimited Graphic Design and Web Development for a Fixed Monthly Rate

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Get Unlimited Graphic Design and Web Development for a Fixed Monthly Rate

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More info about the product

Meet the Team Behind Faster UI:

Our dedicated team of 15 in-house professionals is based in Bosnia, led by Bojan Sandic, the CEO of and

Why Is It Free?

We created this product to streamline our team's workflow and accelerate the repetitive process of website UI creation.

Is There a License?

Absolutely not! You are free to use all design assets without any restrictions.

Why No Autolayouts?

Autolayouts proved cumbersome and limiting for our creative process, consuming valuable time. While many UI libraries offer complex elements, Faster UI stands apart.

Can I Publish My Work?

Currently, that option isn't available. However, we plan to allow users to publish their work in the future, providing exposure to a wider audience for free.

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